What stage in your business should you invest in a business growth advisor?

No matter how proudly independent you are in coordinating your business’s direction and growth, there will almost certainly be times when you feel the need to seek the advice of someone else – potentially someone completely outside of your company. Even the most successful companies seek out external individuals to give them help and advice about various aspects of their operations.

Knowing when you might need this kind of advice for your own business can be a tricky decision, but there are indicators that can help you. So, let’s consider the circumstances in which you might decide it is the right stage of your business’s development to invest in a business growth advisor.

Do you worry about the business when you aren’t there?

If there comes a time when you feel you cannot take any time away from your business without missing something important, then you might need to seek out business planning consultant services that will help lighten some of your burden.

A mere business advisor, of course, won’t take over your company. But what they can do is assist you in setting up strategies and plans, so that the next time you need to be away from your business, your staff can be ready to assume responsibilities, and important things will still get done.

This, in turn, will help take the stress off you, and ensure your customers or clients don’t miss out on quality of service during times when you aren’t physically present.

Does your business seem restricted in its potential?  

For some companies, the issue isn’t that they cannot grow, but that they struggle to cope when they do grow. This is often because the business is taking on more than its current structure can manage.

Speaking to a business growth advisor will help you to identify the exact problems and come up with workable solutions.

For example, it may be time to look at investing in internal marketing experts. MR SEO, a digital marketing agency in Essex, state “many businesses try to do all of their marketing internally to be cost effective. However, this can often waste money in the long run, as digital marketing experts can often maximise your spend and get results in a much quicker time period.”

Are you in a rut?

If you have started to feel ‘stuck in a rut’ and unable to come up with new ideas to help your business survive and thrive, then this can be a sign that you need some advice.

Everyone gets to a point where they need inspiration, and advisors can help you rediscover that spark that helped you start the business in the first place. With this rejuvenation, you will be better able to think about new routes and ideas for growing the company and realising its potential.  

Do you consistently hire the wrong people?

New business owners might be particularly prone to struggling when it comes to finding the right staff for their business. For example, they might look for people with the same qualities as them, when they actually need different skills to complement what their new and growing workforce already has.

A capable business advisor can help you determine the areas of your firm that need to be further developed, and the skills you therefore need to be seeking in potential recruits in order to achieve the optimal results.

Are you looking for someone to talk to?

Talking with friends and family about your business is great, but they might not always know how to help you if you have a problem. The reality is that if you are always seeking someone to chat to about issues in your company, then a professional business advisor will be who you need.

A business advisor can listen carefully to your problems, and they will have the knowledge and experience to offer the right help and advice that you need. This will also help take the strain from you and your family.


If you are at the stage where you need to find some help with your business, then it could be a very good idea to look to hire a business growth advisor to guide you along the right path.

It might be just the thing you need to help your business grow – and when you get in touch with the Practical CFO team, we will be able to talk to you in more detail about exactly how we can assist.

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